6 Steps To Objective Price Action Analysis

  • Author: Marc Principato, CMT.
  • Level: Beginner
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What you are going to learn

Free Yourself From The Herd Mentality

This course attempts to fill the knowledge gaps that the novice retail trader/investor has in short term market timing. Learning how to interpret price action is key to uncovering market opportunities before they are obvious.
Throughout this course you will discover how price action analysis can be applied to:

  • Organize time frames and weight market information.
  • Extract the most actionable information from any price chart.
  • Generate practical market scenarios by utilizing common price action tools in a specific way.
  • Manage risk and make trade decisions with less information.
  • Adjust with market changes.

Marc Principato, CMT.

Trader, educator, chartered market technician
Marc began trading in 1999 as a full time Nasdaq day trader. In the early 2000's he moved onto the futures and forex markets which lead to employment with Forex.com. By 2012 he had acquired the Chartered Market Technician designation from the Market Technician's Association and became the Director of Futures and Forex Trading for SMB Capital. In 2018 he started Seeking Cryptos which is now GreenBridge Investing. Marc has built a reputation for providing practical trade ideas by using his unique perspective derived from price action.

What Others Say

"I'm so glad I am here. I sold some inventory when you were saying to take profits. Now I have some money on the side to buy into the lows. Otherwise I would be a bag holder. Thanks again for sharing"
Ales M.
Green Bridge Investing Member
"After watching many a Youtube "guru" as you say, I hit upon you and was immediately impressed with your no nonsense perspective in regards to the "random" nature of the markets I have learned more in two months about trading from you than all the other sources I have plowed through."
Bill G.
Green Bridge Investing Member
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