Learn to listen to price not people

My price action analysis school is setup to provide one thing: confidence in your own market assessment.
It begins with an effective mindset, proven techniques and a practical routine that will help you
gain a sense of market context, a key component missing from most retail trader/investor strategies.

Welcome to the school of price action

Professional instruction

Gain insight, instruction and feedback from a 20+ year Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

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Price action analysis can be used to identify and evaluate potential market opportunities on any time horizon across any active financial market: stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and more.

Techniques that work

Stop wasting your energy on tools that offer little to no actionable value. Learners are introduced to simple techniques that provide quality market information which is often overlooked.

Trust yourself

The main goal is for learners to come away with an analytical routine that is effective, robust and gimmick free. Courses here serve one purpose: learn to depend on your OWN assessment of the market.

"The typical retail trader fails because they apply logic to a highly random environment which often culminates into the herd mentality. Over the years I figured out how to overcome this flawed mindset using common techniques that not only provide more objectivity, but help to anticipate market opportunities rather than chase them."
Marc Principato, CMT.

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